The concept for the Halloween Half Marathon was born in early 2009.  We were looking for a unique “hook” to add into a traditional running event. We figured there were plenty of running events out there so we wanted to create a unique experience for the runners. The answer came in the form of a nudge from the special events team from Miami Beach.  They asked us if we would be willing to stage an event in the newly renovated South Pointe Park in October.  The light bulb in our heads lit up once the October timeframe came into play…. Halloween! Even as adults, when the calendar turns the page to October, Halloween comes to mind.  The marriage of Halloween, costume themes, and a running event quickly came together! From the outset we decided that each year would feature a different traditional Halloween character.  The artwork for the event, the medals, and the shirt would incorporate the Halloween character.  To date we have used bats, vampires, skeletons, zombies, and werewolves.  We are starting to run out of traditional Halloween characters!



Each Halloween themed medal has become a collectible.  Our fans and runners eagerly await the medal design each year.  Our team relishes the design period of the medal.  Our collective creative juices get flowing immediately following the event as we begin planning for the design of the following year’s medal! Finishers in the Atlanta Halloween Half Marathon & 5K will receive a Halloween themed medal of our “Featured Creature”!  We invite runners & walkers of all skill levels to join us! There is an event and distance for everyone.  Costumes are optional, but a fun & memorable time is mandatory!